Of Course Cortana Has No Idea About Windows 11

Of Course Cortana Has No Idea About Windows 11
Image: Tom Warren

Just days after Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system was leaked online, the company’s AI assistant, Cortana, is asserting that it doesn’t exist.

Senior Editor at The Verge, Tom Warren, shared a video on Twitter in which he asks Cortana point-blank “is Windows 11 real?”

“According to Microsoft.com, there will be no Windows 11,” she responds in the clip, despite the Windows 11 OS being clearly visible in the background.

Screenshots of the new operating system were first published on Baidu on Wednesday, with the full OS dropping online shortly thereafter. However, we’re not going to link to the bootleg versions you can download online because they’re not legitimate and we don’t recommend that you download them.

Naturally, the internet has already been flooded with sneak peeks at what we can expect from the new operating system, with users quickly pointing out that the Windows 11 start up noise feels very familiar.

“I may be listening too much into things, but does the new Windows 11 start up noise sound a little like a modern take on the Windows 95 start up noise” one user wrote.

Additionally, the leaked version features rounded app windows, new wallpapers, a widgets panel and a new setup experience.

However, it’s worth noting that the leaked version everyone is using is only a near-final build of the OS, so everything is still subject to change.

Microsoft is yet to officially announce Windows 11, but is rumoured to be unveiling the new operating system at its Microsoft Event on June 24. The event will be streamed online and will be open for everyone to tune in and watch. Unfortunately, the time difference means Australian viewers will need to wake up at 1am on June 25 if they want to tune in.

Alternatively, you can simply come back here and recap it with the Gizmodo Australia team at a less ungodly hour of the morning.