In An Absolute High For Fashion, This Company Will Piss Your Pants For You

In An Absolute High For Fashion, This Company Will Piss Your Pants For You
Image: Wet Pants Denim

Ever wanted to look like you’ve pissed your pants without actually having to piss your pants? Well, my friend, today is your lucky day because this company is flogging a pair of jeans that quite literally look like you’ve wet your pants.

Now, fashion is subjective and I’m sure there are a million people in the world who don’t agree with my sartorial choices. But am I waking up every day and choosing violence by wearing piss pants? Absolutely not.

I am not a big piss pants baby, but for the measly price of $US75, you can be, if you want.

The company – aptly titled Wet Pants Denim – does what it says on the tin, really. It sells denim that makes you look like you’ve wet your pants.

Wet Pants Denim boasts a “wet look, dry feel” product. You know, because you just want to look like you’ve wet your pants.

Wet Pants Denim sells pre-pissed pants for $US75, or if you’d like to have your favourite pair of dry jeans soiled, you can send then $US30 and they’ll do the hard work for you.

“In an effort to reach a wider customer base and do our part to reduce textile pollution, we’re happy to provide the imagery of authentic urinary incontinence, on a pair of jeans that you already own, at a fraction of the cost,” the website reads.

I simply cannot stress just how much this is not a joke. This is a very real product that has been verified by MEL Magazine.

Like any good entrepreneur, the Wet Pants Denim CEO saw a problem and wanted to provide a solution.

The problem? Some people like the look of wet pants but don’t like the whole “wet” part. The solution? Wet Pants Denim, baby.

“Some folks have a fetish wherein they pee their pants because they like the way it looks,” explains Wet Pants Denim’s anonymous CEO told MEL Mag.

“There’s an obvious downside to this, though, in that you’re inevitably wet for hours. I wanted to provide a solution to those underserved consumers, so that they no longer had to be wet, and could have a sustained ‘wet pants’ look as long as they please.”

I am not in the business of kink shaming anybody, so more power to you if pissing your pants is your thing. But I am shocked to find that there is enough demand for pissed pants that this business is still running.

Anyway, if you want to look like you pissed your pants, this company is probably for you.