Those Fitbit Minions Badges Are Being Reviewed

Those Fitbit Minions Badges Are Being Reviewed

Earlier this month Fitbit introduced a new Minions badge aimed at children. But it looks like they may be scaled back a bit in the future.

The new Minions badges were launched alongside the the Fitbit Ace 3 — an activity tracker designed specifically for kids.

“Coming soon, all Fitbit users can enjoy new Minions-themed activity badges in the Fitbit app for various step milestones featuring three of the most beloved Minions: Stuart, Kevin and Bob,” Fitbit said at the time.

“Once earned, the badges will act as glowing signs of pride in your or your kids’ profiles in the Fitbit app, and serve as a reminder to keep chasing daily activity goals.”

The badges themselves are awarded for step milestones — 12,345 steps in a day, 22,222 steps overall and 32,100 steps overall.

The Minions have since been rolled out to all Fitbit devices by default as part of the app. And not everyone is happy about this. At the present time they can’t be turned off.

Some users have subsequently taken to the Fitbit forums to ask for the Minions to be optional.

“Please provide an option to toggle the Minions badges on or off, to avoid earning them or seeing them in the badges page,” one user wrote.

“Minions badges?? Aren’t Fitbits for grown ups? I like getting badges which put distances in perspective eg Great Wall of China, but Minions means nothing,” another said.

“I ‘earned’ a Stuart badge today. I’m a 72 year old with a grandson who outgrew minions when he was 12.”


In response to users, Fitbit representatives have said that if the suggestion to toggle the Minions badges off gets enough votes on the Community Suggestion Board, it will be shared internally. And it seems that may already be happening.

“The option to toggle Minions badges off/on if now being reviewed,” The Fitbit UK account tweeted to a user.