The King of the Monsters and the Queen of Jurassic Park Are the Best Toys of the Week

The King of the Monsters and the Queen of Jurassic Park Are the Best Toys of the Week
Image: Bandai, Hot Toys, and Mattel

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular round up of everything good and plastic we’d like to spend all our money on. This week: Lego takes us back to the time of Batusi and “Let It Go” in new Batman and Frozen sets, Singular Point’s chonky new Godzilla puts the Big in Big G, and Hot Toys has spoken: it’s Blurrg time. Check it out!

Image: Lego Image: Lego

Lego Classic TV Series Batman Cowl

Following a cowl loosely based on Batman’s appearance in more recent movie outings, Lego’s turning back the clock with an alternate cowl design based on the costume donned by Adam West in the campy TV series of decades past. As much as that series looked like a real-life cartoon meets comic book situation, this 372-piece Bat-Cowl gives off as much a Dark Knight vibe as Michael Keaton and Christian Bale’s costumes did. You can pre-order the $89.99 set now, but you’ll need lots of Bat-Patience because shipping isn’t expected until October 1.

Image: Bandai Image: Bandai

S.H. Figuarts Godzilla Ultima

We might still have to wait to actually get Godzilla: Singular Point outside of Japan, but there’s already rad action figures of the rather hefty version of the King of the Monsters from the show. Bandai’s latest Monsterarts release translates the big-thighed, big-tailed, and big-mouthed Big G into articulated action figure form, and he even comes with an alternate roaring head depicting his jaw unhinged in a truly creepy manner. He also comes with two small undetailed Jet Jaguar figurines for scale, proving that Big Boy Season is truly upon us — or will be, when you part with around $130 this November. [Toyark]

Image: Lego Image: Lego

Lego Star Wars Darth Vader Meditation Chamber

You’d assume that Darth Vader’s oversized helmet would have provided lots of quiet alone time to mediate, but it also undoubtedly got really smelly under there, which is probably why he had an over-the-top mediation chamber built for himself. For the first time Lego has brought this secluded oasis to life through the medium of brick with a 663-piece set that features a hanging roof that lowers into position, a swivel chair for Vader to make dramatic reveals, a big screen and control panels inside, and a General Veers figure to interrupt Vader’s R&R. The $109.99 set is available for pre-order now, but it won’t actually ship until early August.

Image: Playmates Image: Playmates

Playmates Toys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Turtles Party Wagon Mutant Attack Van

You can keep your Batmobiles and Quinjets, everyone knows real superheroes drive vans… OK, fine, the only ones that come to mind are the Scooby Gang, The A-Team, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but they all had memorable rides with lots of room for passengers and cargo, and at least one of those is being revived by Playmates Toys. (Spoiler alert: it’s the turtles.) As revealed by an Australian retailer, the Turtle Party Wagon Mutant Attack Van is returning to stores for about $80 and is scaled for play with Playmates Toys’ vintage turtle figures, and should work with the original figures as well should you still be hoarding them. The van won’t be available until next month, so you’ve got lots of time to dig through your parents’ basement to find them.

Image: Mattel Image: Mattel

Mattel Jurassic Park Amber Collection Ellie Sattler Figure

Mattel has given us lavishly detailed figures of nearly the entire cast of the original Jurassic Park, but it’s only now getting around to delivering a six-inch version of the movie’s real hero: Laura Dern’s Ellie Sattler. The $32 figure is available for pre-order from sites like BigBadToyStore right now, with shipping expected this month, and in addition to accessories like a well-equipped tool belt that includes a walkie-talkie and flashlight, the figure also includes extra hands and a swappable head with an alternate face sculpt wearing glasses.

Image: Hot Toys Image: Hot Toys

Hot Toys The Mandalorian Kuiil and Blurrg

OK, so it’s not really a Blurrg figure so much as it is a giant Blurrg statue/base to pose the actual Kuiil figure with, but… this is the closest you’re going to get to Hot Toys tackling The Mandalorian’s preferred beast of burden. Blurrg aside, Kuiil himself includes his shotgun, wearable goggles, a backpack, and a bucket to be displayed with, as well as the usual multiple poseable hands. He releases in late 2022, and you can either throw down $315 for just Kuiil — a lot for a figure that’s just 9.5″ tall — or a whopping $695 for the set with the Blurrg. [Sideshow]

Image: Lego Image: Lego

Lego Disney Frozen The Ice Castle

Got too much free time on your hands? Let it go with Lego’s 1,709-piece recreation of Elsa’s towering Ice Castle from Frozen. The 25.5-inch exclusive getaway will not only bolster your stocks of translucent blue Lego panels, it also features a grand staircase for dramatic entrances or exits, the great hall and frozen ice fountain featured in the film, and four mini-doll figures (not to be confused with standard minifigures) that include two versions of Elsa as well as Anna and Kristoff — plus Olaf and four little Snowgies. When available starting on July 1 you can grab the set for $349.99, although it doesn’t look like Lego is accepting pre-orders just yet.