The Android Google App Is Crashing, Here Are Some Ways to Fix It

The Android Google App Is Crashing, Here Are Some Ways to Fix It
Photo: Sam Rutherford

If you’ve been running into an error message that says “Google keeps stopping,” you’re not alone as numerous reports have popped up saying the Google app on Android is suffering from instability. And while it seems Google is aware of the issue, there are some things you can do to address the problem in the meantime.

One of the biggest issues with the Google app right now is that crashes are happening on a wide range of devices and Android versions, with Android Authority claiming to have encountered the crash on an LG Wing running Android 10 and a Huawei Mate 20, while others showed screenshots of the Google app crashing on a Pixel 4a running Android 11.

The cause of the crash seems to stem from a recent update pushed out to the Google app, with the bug affecting multiple versions of the app, which can vary depending on the specific device you’re using. And to make matters worse, the issue with the Google app can also cause crashes in other Google apps such as Google Lens, Google Podcasts, and the Google Assistant app, as they all feature integration with the Google app.

Users have already reached out to Google alerting the company of the problem, with Google customer support on Twitter telling one user that one way to address the issue is to perform a soft reboot by holding the power button down for 30 seconds (essentially turning the phone off then on again).

However, if that approach doesn’t work, other people have found success by uninstalling the most recent update to the Google app and reverting back to the previous version. Alternatively, you can also try clearing your cache.

The one bit of good news is that the recent bug with the Google app seems unrelated to an issue that popped up earlier this year where Webview in Android was causing some apps to crash.

And if you haven’t updated your Google app recently, you might want to hold off for now until Google can push out a fix for the crashing.