Supernatural’s Brothers Are Fighting Again — for Real This Time

Supernatural’s Brothers Are Fighting Again — for Real This Time
Look like little they were! (Photo: The CW)

Supernatural fans “rejoiced” (maybe?) when they learned star Jensen Ackles and his wife Danneel Ackles were developing a prequel series about Sam and Dean’s parents, called The Winchesters. But there’s one person who apparently didn’t get the memo: Sam Winchester. “I’m gutted,” actor Jared Padalecki said.

Late yesterday, Supernatural’s Padalecki shared his support for co-star Jensen Ackles’ new CW series, albeit with one caveat — Padalecki said he was never invited to participate. In a statement on Twitter quote-tweeting Ackles’ announcement, the actor wrote: “Dude. Happy for you. Wish I heard about this some way other than Twitter. I’m excited to watch, but bummed that Sam Winchester had no involvement whatsoever.” When asked in a reply whether this is a “bad joke,” Padalecki tweeted: “No. It’s not. This is the first I’ve heard about it. I’m gutted.”

The Winchesters will focus on John and Mary Winchester, played in Supernatural by The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Samantha Smith (Transformers). In the original show, Mary is seen largely in flashbacks, as she died when Sam was a baby, which led John to become a hunter and train his sons in the deadly arts. As reported by Deadline, the spinoiff series will tell the story of “how they put it all on the line to not only save their love, but the entire world.” It’s being written by Supernatural alum Robbie Thompson and Ackles will serve as executive producer alongside Danneel, and he’ll narrate the series as Dean.

On Twitter, Supernatural showrunner Eric Kripke praised Ackles’ story and the folks coming on board to make it. He also noted that Padalecki was “too busy” to do it, which someone should go tell Padalecki because it looks he didn’t get the memo.

It does make sense that the show would be more from Dean’s point of view than Sam’s, since the latter was just a baby when everything went down. But considering Supernatural was the longest-running genre show in television history, spanning 15 seasons over just as many years, it seems cruel that one of the two men who were there since the beginning and made the show what it is was left out of the equation or that they wouldn’t just…tell him about it. We’ve reached out to Jensen Ackles and CW for comment, and we’ll update should we hear back.

However, it’s not like Padalecki has been left out in the CW’s dust entirely — as Kripke said in his tweet, he’s “Texas Rangering” it up. He’s getting ready for season two of Walker, the reboot of Walker Texas Ranger that he stars in. Jensen Ackles is also pretty busy returning to television as Soldier Boy in season three of Amazon Studios’ The Boys. Besides, do we really need another Supernatural show? Seriously, you guys. Seriously.

We already tried this, twice, and it didn’t work. If you’re really craving more of that Winchesters action, we always have that Supernatural series finale, one of the worst things ever shown on television, to comfort us in these dark times.