Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’s Full Soundtrack Is Finally Coming to Streaming

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’s Full Soundtrack Is Finally Coming to Streaming
Hello again, friend of a friend. (Photo: Universal)

It’s a good day when you can rock out to the sweet sounds of Envy Adams (Brie Larson) leading the Clash at Demonhead — and it’s only a sign of more to come. Edgar Wright, the director of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, took to social media Friday to announce that the expanded edition of the film’s soundtrack will finally be available on all streaming services starting July 9. It includes 12 newly released tracks, one of which is Larson covering “Black Sheep” by Metric. To celebrate this, that song was released early and you can find it here.

When the 22-song original soundtrack was released in 2010, Metric’s original recording was the only version included. Which is obviously fantastic — but for fans, the film version carries that added bit of nostalgia. Hearing Larson sing brings you right back into the movie. It also doesn’t hurt that in the decade since Scott Pilgrim came out, Larson, along with several other cast members, went on to become massive stars. Back then it was “Oh, that’s that girl from a few Disney movies and a Showtime show playing Scott’s ex, Envy Adams.” Now it’s “Holy crap that’s the Oscar-winning actress who also happens to be an intergalactic superhero playing Scott’s ex, Envy Adams.” The song was cool then, but now its so much better.

Also included on this 31-track expanded version are a few bonus songs by in-movie band Sex Bob-Omb, several acoustic demos by Beck (who helped write the movie’s songs), and more. You can see the full track listing here. And, again, while just the new “Black Sheep” song is available now, the full thing comes out July 9.

Wright has two movies coming out this year. The Sparks Brothers, a killer music documentary, on June 24 and Last Night in Soho, which looks to be a killer time-travel mystery, on October 21.