The Best NBN 250 Plans under $100 so You Don’t Have to Wait an Hour for Warzone to Update

The Best NBN 250 Plans under $100 so You Don’t Have to Wait an Hour for Warzone to Update
Image: Activision
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Hot off the back of E3, Xbox has announced that there’s a whopping 40 demos waiting for you to play. There’s also Steam’s Next Fest, which has hundreds of demos available for upcoming games.

That’s a lot of games to play, but more importantly, a lot of games to download.

The most recent Call of Duty: Warzone update was an approximately 12GB download. These Warzone updates are also somewhat notorious for putting a bit of extra stress on the NBN network. Having a faster internet connection is the difference between waiting an hour or a couple of minutes.

If your current internet connection’s typical speed is a bit on the slow side, it might be time to finally commit to that upgrade you’ve been putting off. To help you out, we’ve done the leg work and rounded up the best NBN 250 connections that are currently available – some of which have a nice discount thrown on top.

If you don’t currently have an NBN 250 connection, you need to make sure that you can actually get one in the first place.

The best NBN 250 deals under $100

Do you want the fastest NBN 250 connection under $100? Then Aussie Broadband is your provider, with its typical evening speed of 248 Mbps. Aussie Broadband’s NBN 250 plan is currently $99/month for the first six months you’re connected when you use the promo code FAST30. After netting yourself a total of $180 in savings the plan’s price will jump up to $129/month once the promo ends.

After Aussie, Telstra has the second speediest connection with a typical evening speed of 230 Mbps. Telstra’s NBN 250 plan is usually $140/month, but has been discounted down to $90/month for the first six months, and then $120/month for the following six months. Its also waiving its usual $99 connection fee.

This discount also makes this Telstra connection one of the cheapest plans available in the NBN 250 range, which is some great value. This plan is contract free, so if you aren’t keen on dishing out $140 for an NBN 250 plan, you’re able to give in the flick.

After Telstra and Aussie, Superloop has one of the speedier plans with a typical evening speed of 215 Mbps. Superloop’s plan is currently discounted for $99.95/month for the first six months (usually $119.95/month).

If you want the cheapest NBN 250 plan, that honour belongs to Mate, which has a $89/month plan for the first six months (usually $109/month) with a typical evening speed of 208 Mbps.