Watch Apple’s WWDC 2021 In Australia Right Here

Watch Apple’s WWDC 2021 In Australia Right Here
Image: Apple

WWDC 2021 is back for another year. Like the 2020 conference it will be all digital and streamed online. As per usual Australians will need to get up at a ludicrous time (or stay up) to watch it all live. Get the coffee and No Doz cocktails ready.

What to expect from Apple

If you’re keen on all the latest leaks and gossip about Apple’s ‘Glow and Behold’ event, we have an entire post dedicated to what to expect from Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC). But there are a few things we are particularly excited for.

The first of course is our first look at iOS 15. While it won’t come out until the iPhone 13 drops, WWDC is where we get our first glimpse.

This also means we’ll get a look at iPad OS 15, MacOS 12, WatchOS 8 and tvOS 15.

There’s also been rumours for awhile now that Apple is developing some AR/VR glasses. And the the images that Apple has put out for WWDC 2021 seems to be hinting that perhaps the Apple Glasses will make an appearance:

Those sure are a lot of glasses.

According to renowned leaker Jon Prosser, we should also get a peak at the new M1 MacBook Pro. Fingers crossed that the rumour of a 64GB RAM upgrade is true.

WWDC 2021 time Australia

WWDC will stream live at 10am PT on June 07. For Aussies, that means the middle of the night on June 08.

For those of you in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria the show starts at 3am AEST.  If you’re that dedicated, I’ll be right there to keep you company and cry, too.

South Australian friends will be right behind us at 2:30am ACST. And if you’re on AWST you’ll be enjoying the dulcet tones of Tim Cook 1am.

While you can watch it over at the live event page, you can also watch it right here:

Disclosure: the author owns shares in Apple.