Here Are Your Dream Two-Car Garages

Here Are Your Dream Two-Car Garages
Image: Mazda

A two-car garage is the chance to achieve that perfect life-fun balance. You need something that has enough room to haul your family and their things in and then something you can haul arse in or have fun in. I’m not even talking about something insanely expensive — a dream garage can be totally attainable. To me, that perfect balance would be a luxury vehicle like the Genesis GV80 that has enough room for me and my family to ride in comfortable luxury and a weekend canyon carver like my favourite Miata RF.

We asked readers what was their dream two-car garage. These were their answers.

Range Rover And Porsche

Image: Land Rover/Porsche

Range Rover Sport SVR, Porsche 911 Turbo S.

Suggested by: Richard J. Auchus (Facebook)

Rolls Royce And Kia?

Image: Rolls Royce

A Rolls Royce Cullinan (in Malibu Blue, if you please) and an absolutely mint 1996 Kia Sportage. Use the Cullinan to tow the Sportage to RADWOOD meets, dismiss any/all discussion on any subject other than the Sportage.

Suggested by: Skipp

Mercedes And Lexus

Image: Lexus/Mercedes Benz

Lexus GSF to daily drive and a Mercedes SLS AMG for the weekend.

Suggested by: Miguel Lopez (Facebook)

Porsche And Ferrari

Image: Porsche/Ferrari

959 as a daily, F40 for the weekends.

Suggested by: @G_Steel78 (Twitter)


Image: Honda

Can’t complain too much about my current 2-car selection:

S2000 for the summer commutes and date nights, Honda Fit for winter, and family duties. Downside is that during the winter, the S2000 hibernates, so it becomes a 1-car situation…

Suggested by: dhj

BMW And Honda

Image: Honda/BMW

New M5 Competition and 2009 Civic Type R Mugen RR.

Suggested by: JP Suhonen (Facebook)

Ford And Land Rover

Image: Ford/Land Rover

I’ve just bought a Fiesta ST, the one you don’t get in the States with Lauch Control and an LSD and an interior that doesn’t seem like a Golf Cart. It’s a marvellous little machine and i think you don’t need any more car to have fun, i would pair it with something on the opposite side of things, comfy, large and offroadable, probably the new Defender would be excellent, obviously with steelies.

Suggested by: FelixTheRoman1997

A Daily And A Classic

Image: Volkswagen/Jaguar

I don’t seem to be driving daily anymore but for the car that I use most often. The 2015 VW XL Sport. Fast, fun and super efficient. Car number 2 would be something glorious from the past. I think a Jaguar D-Type would fit that bill nicely. As for a practical car? Pffft… I’ll rent when I need to carry stuff or have it delivered.

Suggested by: MarcBee

And ICE And An EV

Image: Polestar/Ford

Ideally one EV and one fun ICE car.

1. Polestar 2 EV – probably my favourite EV today. Saw one in the real world a couple days ago, and thought it looked incredible.

2. Ford Bronco, base, 2-door – I cycled through a couple of cars for the second. But one thing I’ve realised after having kids, is you want to be able to take them with you when you’re driving a fun car. It’s a part of the experience. So my criteria became: an open top, manual transmission car with seating for four people. Could go mustang or 911- but I’d actually like a little extra practicality as well. So I guess it’s a Bronco. Quite a juxtaposition against the Polestar – but as a fun, but practical, second vehicle… I think it works.

Suggested by: TheWalrus

Wagon And A Coupe

Image: Lexus/Mercedes

E63 Wagon And LC 500 (coupe or convertible).

Suggested by: SennaMP4

Old And New

Image: Volkswagen/Audi

A long range ID Buzz and an 2015 Audi R8 with manual transmission. Best of the old, best of the new.

Suggested by: My Little Metroid