F9 Actress Jordana Brewster Reflects on the Failures of The Faculty Film

F9 Actress Jordana Brewster Reflects on the Failures of The Faculty Film
Jordana Brewster in F9 (Image: Universal)

Unfortunately, riding the wave of Scream and subsequent teen horror film successes’ doomed The Faculty to failure. With a poorly timed Christmas release, the film became an unexpected flop.

The Faculty is a teenage take on Alien invasion and how a group of high school students try to survive the faculty and students whose bodies are hijacked by Aliens. Actress Jordana Brewster, who saw her biggest success with the Fast and Furious franchise (and current stars in F9), reflects on The Faculty (her first film role) with Collider and how it never became the success she thought it would.

“With The Faculty, it was like, ‘You guys, this is gonna be huge. Look at all these successes around us,’ like She’s All That and Scream. And it was also Dimension, which was doing really well, that studio. And then Tommy Hilfiger was doing our campaign! So we all thought it was gonna be huge. And then it turned out it wasn’t so huge. We thought it was gonna be massive. I think it was a Christmas opening, and then not so big.”

Despite the film’s box office numbers not hitting its goals and not catapulting her and the rest of the cast into immediate superstardom, the actress sees a silver lining in the situation.

“Being on set, it was my first time shooting a movie ever, but also we were in Austin, Texas and working with Robert Rodriguez and Salma Hayek was in it, and Jon Stewart would test his material on us, his comedic routine. It was so much fun. I loved working on that film.”

As a first-time actress working alongside industry veterans such as Salma Hayek, Elijah Wood, Josh Hartnett, Jon Stewart, and Usher, I am sure she was excited to have the experience. The film has also become a bit of a cult classic among horror fans, and sometimes that’s the best you can ask for.