A Quiet Place 2’s Ending Will Inform the Spin-off, According to John Krasinski

A Quiet Place 2’s Ending Will Inform the Spin-off, According to John Krasinski
They're charting unknown waters — or perhaps a new movie. (Image: Paramount Pictures)

A Quiet Place Part II writer and director John Krasinski has handed over the reins of the franchise to Jeff Nichols (Midnight Special), and he couldn’t be happier with how things are going. In fact, there’s already a script for the third movie, which Krasinski said is “going to do something that we haven’t done before.”

In a recent interview on the Empire Podcast, Krasinski said Nichols is in the process of “turning in” the script for a third A Quiet Place movie, which stemmed from an idea (with plenty of notes) Krasinski himself had for where the series should go. He shared that Nichols was his first choice to take over and that it’s going even better than expected because the director has hit the ground running on the whole thing. “Truly the only person I had in mind when asked whether I would hand this off was Jeff. I think he’s one of the best filmmakers. Mud is one of my favourite movies, and so real and intimate. It’s exactly the sort of paints we’re painting with in A Quiet Place — very organic characters you fall in love with. So he was my first choice for this, and when he said yes I was over the moon,” he said. “I pitched him my story, he’s gone and developed the world on his own with that jumping-off point, and I’m so thrilled. He’s actually just turning in a script now, and I loved it. I absolutely loved it, and I can’t wait to see him shoot this thing.”

Krasinski was cagey about whether the third movie will continue the story of Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt) and her family’s survival against a deadly invasion of creatures that hunt by sound, or focus on new characters or settings in the franchise’s expanding world. But he did say that the events of A Quiet Place Part II — particularly the ending [Spoiler Alert], where the rest of the world learned about the signal that can incapacitate the creatures — will play a significant part in what’s to come for the Abbotts and everyone else. “The ending of the last shot is, now that the world knows about it, what will the world do with this answer, or with this weapon? Will they be responsible with it, or will they not be responsible with it?” he said.

A Quiet Place Part II is currently in theatres. No expected release date for the third film has been announced yet.