Sin City 30th Anniversay Edition Headed to Bookstores This Spring

Sin City 30th Anniversay Edition Headed to Bookstores This Spring
Art by Frank Miller for Sin City (Image: Dark Horse Comics)

Frank Miller’s black and white crime-noir graphic novel Sin City is turning 30. To honour this milestone, a new edition of the comics is releasing in spring of 2021.

Along with his other comic works like 300 and The Dark Knight Returns, Sin City ranks high among his best works — and he thanks Dark Horse founder Mike Richardson for taking a chance on such a wild idea. Miller told Heat Vision, “When I first decided to write and draw a black and white crime comic, Mike Richardson didn’t blink. We were off and running and continue to do so 30 years later.” The new editions will be softcover, and many artists are lending their talents to provide cover art, including Joyce Chin, Amanda Conner, and Philip Tan.

The first book, The Hard Goodbye, in the Sin City anthology, was published in 1991. The story follows Marv, the ex-con with a heart of gold who spends the night with a woman who ends up dead the next day. He didn’t kill her, but he’s the prime suspect. Marv goes on the run looking for the killer so he can clear his name.

In 2005, Miller and director Robert Rodriguez collaborated on the cinematic adaption of the first Sin City anthology book, which grossed nearly $US200 ($259) million at the global box office. In 2019, The Hollywood Report broke the news that a Sin City Television show was in the works. Since then, there have been no new details on the status of the show.

The 30th-anniversary edition of Sin City Volume 1 hits shelves in a limited capacity on Sept 29 and will be in all book stores Oct 12.