Aussies Have Designed a Poo-Powered EV, Because We Get Shit Done

Aussies Have Designed a Poo-Powered EV, Because We Get Shit Done
Image: Urban Utilities

Australia’s first poo-powered electric SUV has hit the road. Yes, you read that right.

This poo-powered SUV is the second vehicle in Urban Utilities waste-powered car fleet. You may remember Urban Utilities as the company that is also investing in poo-eating superbugs.

The Queensland company unveiled its first poo vehicle back in 2017. This latest SUV addition is appropriately named ‘Number 2’.

If you’re wondering how exactly this waste-powered vehicle works, you’re not alone.

The power of poo

The Number 2 car or, as Urban Utilities calls it, the S-Poo-V runs on electricity generated by human waste.

“On average, one person’s daily habits can generate enough electricity to make the car travel around 450 metres,” a spokesperson for Urban Utilities, said in a statement.

The electricity is produced by biogas from sewage treatment which is fed into a cogeneration unit at the wastewater treatment plant.

It takes 150,000 litres of sewage to power one full charge of the car, which gets a range of 450km. This process results in zero emissions from the car and saves around $1,700 in petrol costs.

The plant is located in Oxley, Brisbane meaning thousands of Queenslanders are potentially contributing to Number 2 without knowing it.

“More than 330,000 people in Brisbane’s south and west are helping to create fuel for our poo-powered cars every time they flush,” the spokesperson said.

Urban Utilities saves $1.7 million a year by converting poo into electricity to power its two QLD-based plants.

“By harnessing the power of poo, we’re reducing our operating costs and helping the environment by using a more sustainable energy source so it’s a win/win.”

So, what does a poo-powered SUV look like? Just like a normal SUV but with a giant poo emoji painted on its side, of course.

This car is officially on the road so Brisbane locals may see the eye-catching car driving around town soon.

The number of poo-powered cars is maxed at two right now but, seeing as there’s no lack of human waste, we could see the fleet continue to expand.