Legends of Tomorrow Had a Huge Reveal No One Cares About, Not Even the Legends

Legends of Tomorrow Had a Huge Reveal No One Cares About, Not Even the Legends
Gary (Adam Tsekhman) and Gary Jr. the Second. (Image: The CW)

When Legends of Tomorrow made its incredibly welcome return for season six this Sunday, it revealed a major secret about one of the show’s main characters that somehow fans haven’t bothered to be bothered by. Hell, even the Legends don’t care, and here’s why that’s awesome.

There’s so much that’s great about DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but one of the best aspects has to be that because the team has seen so many bananas events over the course of six years, they are rarely surprised by anything. Not that they see them coming, of course, it’s just that they accept that things can always get bizarre, and are ready to roll with any punches that are thrown at them. So in the season six premiere, “Ground Control to Sara Lance,” when Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) and the other Legends learn that hapless and occasionally traitorous former time agent Gary (Adam Tsekhman) has secretly been an alien for all these years — in fact, one of the aliens who kidnapped Sara in the season five finale — no one bats an eye.

No one is surprised, no one comments on it — not even John Constantine, who spent a decent chunk of time sleeping with Gary and teaching him dark magic. Hell, Gary himself is only mildly apologetic, and is so ambivalent about his secret life that when Sara tosses Gary’s alien fiancée out an airlock to his/her/its (probably not) death, Gary is completely unperturbed. In a show as unrepentantly goofy as Legends of Tomorrow, this would be a storytelling blunder; instead, it’s an “all right, sure” moment that barely warrants a raised eyebrow. But the fact that such a major reveal is so par for the course for Legends is itself worth noting, just because it’s so indicative of how wonderfully buck wild this show is.

Also, Sara to Spartacus (yes, that Spartacus): “Being an avenger is stupid. The goal is to prevent death. I’m a preventer. Want to join the Preventers, Sparty?” This show is so good.