Godzilla vs. Kong’s Director Adds Another Geek Project to His To-Do List

Godzilla vs. Kong’s Director Adds Another Geek Project to His To-Do List
Adam Wingard on the set of Godzilla vs. Kong. (Photo: Vince Valitutti/Warner Bros.)

Coming off the hit film Godzilla vs. Kong, director Adam Wingard is not letting his moment pass. First, he signed up to make a sequel to John Woo’s sci-fi action hit Face/Off. Then he revealed he was going to try and make the classic 1980s cartoon Thundercats into a live-action film. Oh, and possibly another King Kong movie too. Now, he’s teaming up with Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman for yet another geeky project.

Deadline reports Wingard will direct Hardcore, based on an Image/Skybound comic by Kirkman and Marc Silvestri. It’s about a program that has the ability to take over anyone’s body and turn them into an assassin, which makes the actual killers all but untraceable. That is, until someone hacks the system and their best agent gets stuck in a person’s body.

The project is set up at Universal Pictures and Wingard will co-write the script, based on an outline by Kirkman, with emerging writer Will Simmons. That suggests the project is in its very early days so there’s no telling exactly when it might happen.

When news broke about the Thundercats adaptation, it seemed like Wingard would tackle that after Face/Off. But that was before the news of another Monsterverse movie. And now Hardcore too. We’ve reached out to multiple sources to try and clarify if there’s any idea of which projects will happen when, and will update this piece if we hear back. Either way, Wingard is doing a hell of a job lining up dream geek projects coming off a huge success. We’re excited to see whichever one is next.