Captain America Flies High, and More Patriotic Toys of the Week

Captain America Flies High, and More Patriotic Toys of the Week
Image: NECA,Image: Hot Toys,Image: KidRobot

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s round up of all things good and plastic-y. This week, Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s finale has got us in an Americana mood, and what could be more patriotic than a man dressed like a light-up flag, a journalist who hangs out with mutant reptiles, and… plush, cheap alcohol? Check it out!

Image: Hot ToysImage: Hot Toys

Hot Toys Marvel The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Captain America Sixth-Scale Figure

In the wake of Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s finale, Hot Toys has taken it upon itself to reveal another figure from the show we’ll be waiting a while for (thankfully, it’s because the company had to wait for the show to end before it could reveal Sam Wilson in all his Cap-suit glory). The 12″ tall figure of course comes with the legendary shield, and tons of alternate hands to pose Sam ready to fight and fling with it, but it also comes with a little Redwing to join Sam in flight, along with a truly wild set of wings: multiple bulk sections of the metallic “feathers” are moveable, allowing you to pose Sam dynamically in flight or using them as a shield, or open them wide up to an 80cm wingspan.

Alas, good things do really only come to those who wait: Captain America will fly in and swipe a chunk of your hard-earned dollars sometime in late 2022. [Hot Toys]

Image: NECAImage: NECA

NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Movie April O’Neil Seven-Inch Figure

As talented sculptors, 3D digital scanners, and advanced manufacturing techniques have turned action figures into an art form, we’ve also gotten a glimpse of how straying from cartoony caricatures can go wrong and occasionally lead us in to the uncanny valley of collectibles. Such is the case with the 7-inch April O’Neil figure from the original live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie that NECA’s finally revealed in its final form. Although NECA appears to have collaborated with Judith Hoag, the actor who actually played O’Neil in the film, the likeness on the resulting figure is a little unsettling, and apparently it’s a lot easier to make figures of mutated turtles less disconcerting. The figure’s available for pre-order from NECA’s online store for $US30 ($39), or $US100 ($130) for a Signature edition (limited to just 2,000) that includes the character’s iconic yellow coat and a faux Channel 3 press pass signed by Hoag.

Image: KidrobotImage: Kidrobot

The Simpsons x Kidrobot 10-Inch Plush Duff Beer Can

Reminiscent of the famous giant beer Homer Simpson ordered when visiting Australia, Kidrobot’s latest Simpsons collab supersizes a can of Duff beer instead of Foster’s but sadly no one’s going to get drunk off this one. It’s made from fabrics instead of aluminium and is filled with stuffing instead of suds so for $US20 ($26) it will better serve as a pillow under your head for sleeping off a hangover.

Image: LegoImage: Lego

Lego Vidiyo New BeatBoxes, Bandmates, and Stage Models

Lego has introduced a bunch of new expansions for its Vidiyo experience — which pairs bricks and figures with a new smartphone app to give kids a safe TikTok-like experience without all the bad stuff that concerns parents. The line was revealed back in February but just a few months later Lego has revealed some considerable new expansions including two new BeatBoxes (Metal Dragon and Folk Fairy) which are kind of like the starter kits for the Vidiyo experience. They’re joined by 12 new blindboxed Bandmates minifigures, and five new Stage Models which are a completely new addition to the line. They provide a full-on stage setting for minifigure performers and will range in price from $40 to $130 for a transforming boom box when available globally starting on June 1.