This Vornado Fan Is the Best Thing I Own (and It’s 30% Off)

This Vornado Fan Is the Best Thing I Own (and It’s 30% Off)
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I was given a Vornado fan for my birthday earlier this year, and my life has been infinitely better since.

Vornado Air circulator 660


My new favourite portable fan




Great airflow range, four powerful settings, easy to clean, sleek design


A bit pricey, can get loud, no remote

To be fair, I’m not big in the fan technology space and could’ve been just as happy with whatever in-house tech brand Kmart is repping these days.

But now? I think I’ll be forking out on Vornados for the rest of my meandering existence.

While there are a few Vornado models in the market, the one I own is the Vornado Air Circulator 660 in black. It’s been in the universe since 2017, but only in my life for the last three months.

Even in this short amount of time, as you’ve probably noticed by now, I’m already addicted.

Vornado 660 size, weight and portability

The Vornado 660 is medium in size  and comes in at 29.8 x 34.3 x 38cm. It sits perched on my dresser, facing my bed of course.

At 3.3kg she’s not light by any means. But it’s not too difficult to move from my bedroom to my desk space when working from home. It’s powerpoint operated with a decently sized cord.

Does it fit on my desk alongside my laptop and monitor? Absolutely not, but even at three metres away from me and my WHF set-up, I can well and truly feel the 56 watts of air.


You definitely feel the direct breeze depending on which was you position the fan with its adjustable chrome bar.

However, even if you direct the fan up towards the ceiling, you’ll have a noticeably cooler room thanks to the multidirectional airflow. It moves air up to 30.5m, which is insane.

If I’m honest, I also use the Vornado 660 to dry my hair and my clothes if I need them to air out quickly after the wash. It truly is a multifunctional device thanks to its power.

It has four settings and I’ll usually blast it on high when it’s a really hot day – I live in a shitty apartment without air-conditioning so it’s a lifesaver.

At night I put it on the first or second to get a bit of air circulation in my room.

vornado fan
The four settings you can choose from

Noise and cleaning

That being said, it’s not the quietest fan going, depending on your tolerance levels. I definitely turn it down from the highest setting to the lowest when taking Zoom calls, for example.

But it is to me what a bedtime story is to a child – I can’t go to bed without it. It also muffles out more annoying noise like, say, garbage trucks.

In fact, I’m thinking of getting one for my partner so there’s a better balance of whose house we sleep at on any given night of the week.

What? Invention is the mother of necessity.

Like every fan you’ve ever owned, the Vornado 660 fan collects dust. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to clean – you just detach the grill via a screwdriver and wipe it down.

Vornado 660 Price

With an RRP of $259, the Vornado 660 is a bit of a cash drop compared to other fans, but with a five-year warranty and a cost-per-use mentality (plus the fact that it’s $80 off right now), it’s worth it.

If there’s one fault I can find with this bad boy, it’s that it doesn’t have a remote or timer which I would like at this price point.

If the price is still too much of a pill to swallow, there are cheaper versions available, and Amazon’s even got discounts of up to 30% off right now.

Trust me on this one – you’ll be blown away.