The Next Star Trek Movie Has a Stardate in 2023

The Next Star Trek Movie Has a Stardate in 2023
A poster for the most recent Star Trek film, Star Trek Beyond. (Image: Paramount)

Five years have passed since the last Star Trek film — and now it seems we’re two years away from the next one.

Paramount did a big release date shuffle today and in the mix was the news that an untitled Star Trek movie is now set for June 9, 2023. In the past five years, there has been talk of several different Trek films, including one that would bring back Chris Hemsworth along with the Chris Pine-led cast, a Quentin Tarantino written one, and one by Legion’s Noah Hawley. However, most of those are long considered dead.

The most recent Trek movie news was that a movie was being written by Kalinda Vazquez, a producer and writer on Star Trek: Discovery, with J.J. Abrams set to produce. However, a source close to the project told Gizmodo this is not the Vazquez script. It is, however, a separate J.J. Abrams-produced Trek film but all detail beyond that remains top secret. So we have no idea if the story will be told in the Kelvin timeline, which is the timeline the previous Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto movies took place in, have something to do with the new shows, or what.

All that is clear is that date: June 9, 2023. Which makes it seem very likely Star Trek: Mission Chicago, taking place from April 8-10, 2022 at the McCormick Place Convention Centre in Chicago, IL, will have plenty of news about it.