The Mandalorian’s Ahsoka Tano Hits Hot Toys, and More Bountiful Toys of the Week

The Mandalorian’s Ahsoka Tano Hits Hot Toys, and More Bountiful Toys of the Week
Image: Star Ace, Hot Toys, and Mattel

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular roundup of the latest and greatest in all things expensive and plastic. This week: The Mandalorian returns to Hot Toys with a mystical two-pack. The Looney Tunes are getting their own Lego minifigure line. And Batman’s a ninja. Sort of. On a horse? Definitely. Check it out!

Image: Hot ToysImage: Hot Toys

Hot Toys Star Wars: The Mandalorian Ahsoka Tano and Grogu Sixth-Scale Figure Set

While you wait for the Clone Wars version of Hot Toys’ Ahsoka figure to hit your shelf, why not look at another? The company has released a first look at the older, wiser, Jedi-no-more version of Ahsoka we met in The Mandalorian season two, and she’s brought a friend with her. Although Ahsoka is available as a standard figure too, this deluxe set includes all the trappings you’d usually get with her — her two lightsabers and their blades, alternate posing hands, and an alternate saber-in-motion set of blades.

But instead of a backdrop and base inspired by her duel with Magistrate Elsbeth, this deluxe set includes a base (and accessories) inspired by her encounter with the little darling that is Grogu, as well as a light-up lamp and of course Grogu himself. The little lad even comes with a few accesories of his own, in the form of swappable “Force using” hands. Both the “normal” Ahsoka and this deluxe set are expected to release in late 2022. [Hot Toys]

Image: MattelImage: Mattel

Mattel Jurassic World Legacy Collection Tyrannosaurus Rex Escape Pack

The UK’s Smyths Toys is quickly becoming an excellent source for toy leaks, particularly new additions to Mattel’s Jurassic World Legacy line. Arriving sometime in June (presumably outside the UK too) is this brilliant recreation of the T-rex attack on the tour vehicles from the original film. It includes a solid recreation of Jurassic Park’s custom-painted Ford Explorer tour vehicle with a breakaway roof, a Tim Murphy figure complete with night vision goggles, and a 20-inch long articulated T-rex with gas guzzler chomping action.

Image: LegoImage: Lego

Lego Looney Tunes Collectible Minifigures

With a sequel to Space Jam looming there’s not much time to get a generation of kids up to speed on who exactly the Looney Tunes are, so Lego’s stepping up to the plate with its latest collection of collectible blind-bagged minifigures. The lot includes Bugs Bunny with a carrot, Lola Bunny with a basketball, Wile E. Coyote with an anvil, the Road Runner with a bowl of bird seed, Sylvester the Cat with a baseball bat, Tweety Bird with a mallet, Daffy Duck with a “Rabbit Season” sign, Speedy Gonzales with cheese, Marvin the Martian with a ray gun, Petunia Pig with a teapot and cup, Porkie Pig with a “That’s all Folks!” sign, and the Tasmanian Devil with a piece of pie, a drumstick, and a circular spinning effect tile that should make him the easiest character to find while feeling the bags.

Image: Star Ace ToysImage: Star Ace Toys

Star Ace Toys Batman Ninja and Samurai Horse Sixth-Scale Figures

Star Ace turns its eyes to the delectably silly CG movie Batman Ninja for, well, actually not Ninja Batman, but Samurai Batman. Oh, and he’s on a horse. Depicting Batman as he, well, long story short, rides to war against a time-displaced Joker who has become Shogun of Japan alongside a bevy of Batman’s biggest foes, the 1/6 scale figure is available either as is or complete with his horse to do the aforementioned riding into battle. With or without horsey, Batman comes with two katana, two batarangs, and two kunai, and while the pictures of Batman mounted include a netural head, the figure only comes with one facesculpt depicting the Dark Knight mid battle yell. He might also be depicted having seen his price tag; when the deluxe horse set releases in spring this year, it’ll cost you a hefty $478. Batman on his own is $350, and if for some reason you just really want Batman’s horse, that’ll be available standalone for $195. [Sideshow]

Image: HallmarkImage: Hallmark

Hallmark Hasbro Transformers Shockwave Ornament

We’re just four months into 2021 and it’s already time to start planning how you’re going to deck the halls come December (or November, we’re not here to judge). To ensure you’re not scrambling at the last minute, Hallmark’s started revealing its new Keepsake ornaments — and this year, Megatron’s second-in-command, Shockwave, finally gets the nod to hang triumphantly from your tree. Available starting July 10 for $25, the ornament unfortunately doesn’t feature any interactive or light-up features, despite the fact that his purple blaster would make a great addition to your tree’s own lighting were it to glow.

Image: PoolEliteImage: PoolElite

PoolElite Bedrock Canopy Luxe Pool Float

This inflatable pool float may look like an adorable recreation of the Flintstone family vehicle, but don’t let your eyes fool you (or let Warner Bros Television making such claims) because this is actually the Bedrock Canopy Luxe from PoolElite, and any passing resemblances to prehistoric sedans is purely a coincidence and unintentional. According to its Amazon listing it takes about 10 minutes to inflate (if you have access to a dinosaur with giant lungs it will presumably go quicker), includes a pair of grab handles on each side for boarding, and even has a sun shade atop so you can float and relax for 65 million years without getting a burn. Unfortunately there’s no pricing details as it appears to be currently out of stock, but hopefully more will arrive in time for what promises to be a hot and humid summer.