The iPhone 12 Now Comes in Purple!

The iPhone 12 Now Comes in Purple!
Image: Apple

The iPhone 12 lineup is growing — not with a brand new device, but a fresh shade. Apple announced at its Spring Loaded event today that the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and 5.4-inch iPhone 12 Mini will now come in an extremely pretty purple hue.

The new shade doesn’t command a premium. The purple iPhone 12 will cost the same as the other iPhone 12 shades in the lineup, and the same for the Mini. The 12 starts at $1,349, and also comes in white, black, mint green, red, and blue. The Mini starts at $1,199.

Image: Apple Image: Apple

The iPhone 12 is also the best iPhone for most people. It takes solid photos with wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle camera lenses, has great battery life, a powerful processor, and a beautiful design. It differs from the iPhone 12 Pro with an aluminium body instead of a stainless steel one, and the Pro also doesn’t come in quite as fun colours (though the gold and blue shades are pretty stunning). The purple iPhone 12 appeals to me personally.

The iPhone 12 Mini is also very cute, but reportedly hasn’t sold well, so I’m curious to see if folks will scoop up a purple shade for a teen in their lives.

The purple iPhone 12 and 12 Mini will be available to preorder on April 23 and will go on sale on April 30.