Some Teslas Are Warning Drivers About Possible Defects Now

Some Teslas Are Warning Drivers About Possible Defects Now

Some Tesla Model 3 owners have received in-car warning notifications about a possible defect with their seals.

Tesla Model 3 defect warning

The good news is that this doesn’t impact all Model 3 EVs. According to Electrek, the problem (which could result in water getting into the vehicle) might only be impacting VIN numbers between 910,000 and 917,000.

“Some model 3 owners in germany [sic] received this message on their screen. The message states that the car has to come into the SeC to get checked. Some glue might have been applied incorrectly and water could get into the cabin. Pretty convenient way of notifying affected owners,” one user wrote on Twitter.

“910xxx to at least 917xxx vin range. MiA. All Versions. Seems like march 2021 deliveries are affected,” the user also said.

What’s particularly interesting here is the method of communication.

Because Teslas are internet-enabled, it means that the remote diagnostics can be run. If an issue is found, the owner can be notified that they should come in for service.

This is great, because it doesn’t just rely on the user’s own experience to identify a potential issue. Or not finding out about problems until you take your car in for a service.

In the past Tesla has been known to email customers about potential issues. But now, Tesla is using the cars themselves to send notifications. At least in this case in Germany.

It’s currently unclear whether Tesla is rolling out these notifications across the world, but it seems like it, at least in the future.

Being able to warn drivers of even minor issues as quickly as possible will surely become a focus for all car brands and their future vehicles. And rightly so.