Just When You Thought Chucky Couldn’t Get Any Creepier…

Just When You Thought Chucky Couldn’t Get Any Creepier…
You're about to see Chucky like you've never seen him before. (Photo: Universal)

…they had to go and rip his skin off.

A brief but delightfully demented clip from Don Mancini’s Chucky series, coming soon to Syfy, features behind-the-scenes footage of a practical, animatronic Chucky. Except it’s not quite finished so you just have a bunch of wires and joints and those freaky arse eyes, along with the unforgettable voice of Child’s Play star Brad Dourif.

Watch it below and be grateful that I warned you. That should make it a tiny bit less terrifying.

Now, obviously, they’re going to finish the animatronic and it’ll look like the Chucky of old who continues to scare the crap out of us. But this short clip is so effective you can’t help but start thinking about a narrative where Chucky loses all his clothes and skin and becomes robo-Chucky.

While that’s unlikely to happen, we’ll find out soon because cameras are now rolling on Chucky, which will debut on Syfy and USA later this year. Read more about the cast below.

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