Everything We Know About Apple’s M2 Chip So Far

Everything We Know About Apple’s M2 Chip So Far

Apple’s next-generation Mac processor – tentatively known as the M2 (or M1X) chip – reportedly entered mass production this month, and it looks better than ever.

Just months after the launch of the M1 chip – which was rolled out in three new Mac computers last November – the company is already upping the ante. So what do we know so far?

What Will The New Chip Be Called?

The chip has been tentatively called either the M2 or the M1X, depending on where you’re getting your information. Both of these names stem from the chip we already have – the M1.

However, Apple has remained tight-lipped about the official name, so it could go either way at this point. Or who knows, maybe they’ll give us something brand new, like the M-C-Hammer.

When Will The M2 or M1X Be Released?

Apple hasn’t even officially announced the next-generation silicon chip yet, so everything we’re working with right now is what we like to call educated speculation.

According to a report form Nikkei Asia, the M2 chip began mass production this month. The chip is reportedly being produced at Apple supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

The processors take approximately three months to produce, which means they could be shipped as early as July – aka just in time for the release of the next MacBooks.

Which Devices Will Have The M1X/M2 Chip?

All signs point to the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro being the first device to receive the coveted M1X or M2 chip.

The 27-inch iMac will also reportedly feature the upgraded chip.

However, nothing has officially been announced just yet.

How Will It Top The M1 Chip?

Considering Apple just gave us the M1 chip, it’ll be interesting to see how much of an upgrade the M1X or M2 chip will actually be.

The main upgrade from the M1 will likely be an expansion to feature more cores for the CPU and GPU.

The M1 doubled the GPU cores from four to eight, so the natural expectation would be for the M1X/M2 to double it again. If my calculations are correct, this should give us a sweet 16-core GPU.

Speed is another major upgrade, with the multi-core processor reportedly beefing up the device speed by up to 60 per cent, according to ScreenRant.

Another major improvement should come in the RAM, with the new M1X/M2 expected to give us 16GB and 32GB options, compared to the M1’s 8GB or 16GB.

The chip will also reportedly be manufactured using a new-and-improved technology called 5-nanometer plus (N5P), which is an upgrade from the 5-nanometer (N5) technology used in the M1.

At this point, everything is speculative, but we’ll be sure to update you as more rumours or confirmations become available.