How Much The New Apple TV 4K And Siri Remote Will Cost In Australia

How Much The New Apple TV 4K And Siri Remote Will Cost In Australia
Image: Apple

Apple has been long overdue for a revamp of its pricey set-top box. Now, it’s finally here.

The new box is built with the A12 Bionic chip, which will make the next generation of the Apple TV faster and more powerful. This new box will also be a 4K streaming device, just like the last one, but the new one will have colour balance calibration capabilities as well, which is fantastic for folks who want the best possible picture but aren’t super familiar with calibration techniques.

The big reveal today was Apple TV’s new Apple TV remote, an aluminium Siri remote that will have a Siri button on the side and what appears to be a slightly larger form factor. Its buttons got a bit of an overhaul as well.

Photo: ApplePhoto: Apple

Apple’s original 4K box was released in 2017, so the company has been overdue for a newer streaming solution for quite some time, particularly as it focuses on expanding its services slate. Apple TV+, Arcade, and Fitness+ are examples of services that are best experienced on the largest possible screen versus a smaller, palm-sized iPhone.

But Apple is also competing with quite a few popular and comparatively cheaper boxes as well.

Apple TV 4K: Australian Price and Availability

A 64GB Apple TV 4K, which you’ll want if you plan to play any games on your box, will run you about $279. But you can get a Chromecast with Google TV, which does much of what the Apple box does, for just $99. Sure, there are some trade-offs. But for the average streamer, I’m not sure those are significant enough to warrant paying $200 extra to stay within the Apple ecosystem.

That’s going to be a problem for Apple, as it has priced this new box at $249 for 32GB and $279 for the 64GB. Both will be available to preorder in Australia from April 30, with orders arriving in the “second half” of May.

So while many of us hoped for a more affordable streaming set-top box, it appears Apple has opted to do the Apple thing here.