Twitter Might Let You Undo Your Tweets — but Only If You Pay Up

Twitter Might Let You Undo Your Tweets — but Only If You Pay Up
Photo: Olivier Douliery, Getty Images

We’re probably never going to get the Edit Tweet button we’ve all been waiting for, but it looks like that Undo Tweet feature will be rolling out soon enough for members of the rumoured upcoming Twitter subscription service.

On Friday, tech researcher Jane Manchun Wong posted a screenshot from what seems to be a subscription settings homepage that features the undo button as one possible move a subscriber can make. Earlier this month, Wong had also found what the undo button would look like in practice — essentially a progress bar noting how long you’ll have to pull back the tweet.

As Wong’s noted previously, the feature is a bit different than the “delete tweet” button that all Twitter-ers have today for free. The undo button stops a tweet from being posted at all, while the delete button only deletes it once it’s already been on the page.

The feature — which Twitter confirmed to CNET was something the company was working on — is just one of the paid tools that Twitter is considering as part of a potential subscription plan. Aside from a handy undo button, some of the other potential options include badges or custom colours to spruce up your profile, or creator-facing tools like Super Follows that would let Twitter users charge their followers for access to exclusive content.