The Irregulars’ First Trailer Is Anything But Elementary

The Irregulars’ First Trailer Is Anything But Elementary
The Irregulars and Dr. Watson (The Witcher's Royce Pierreson) spy trouble. (Screenshot: Netflix)

Netflix’s urchins-vs.-demons series The Irregulars finally has a real trailer with real footage from the upcoming series, and suffice it to say these street kids have a lot more to worry about than untended pets rooming the moors. London is apparently teeming with supernatural threats, so who ya gonna call? Impoverished children!

Honestly, despite the crazed birds, zombies, and graphically eyeless ladies, The Irregulars looks like a pretty boilerplate supernatural series, just set in 19th-century London. It makes you wonder why Sherlock Holmes is involved at all, given that the show posits the detective as a helpless, hopeless drug addict (Henry Cavill’s version in Netflix’s Enola Holmes couldn’t be reached for comment). See for yourself:

But a better question might be why Watson is employing these kids to do anything. In Arthur Conan Doyle’s books, Holmes uses the Baker Street Irregulars as an information network. Investigating a portal into hell — to say nothing of dealing with the monsters that are coming out of (?) said portal — is well above these urchins’ pay grade, so to speak, even if one of them has some sort of psychic powers. Why Watson would ask a bunch of children to do anything relating to it is bizarre…and maybe a little sinister? Honestly, an evil Dr. Watson sounds a lot more interesting to me than any of the supernatural stuff.

The game will presumably be afoot when The Irregulars arrives on Netflix on March 26.