Mate’s Brand New NBN 250 Plan Comes With A Hefty Discount

Mate’s Brand New NBN 250 Plan Comes With A Hefty Discount
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Your mates at, uh, Mate the telco are now offering an NBN 250 plan and thanks to a nice little $20 discount, it’s the cheapest of its kind in the country.

For the first 6 months, you’ll pay $89 for the connection, after which the price jumps to $109 per month.

Mate doesn’t have lock-in contracts on any of its plans so if you feel like buggering off once the discount runs out, you’re free to do so. All plans also come with unlimited data and no setup fees on BYO modem plans.

After 6 months, the plan clocks in the same as MyReplubic’s NBN 250 plan at full price. In terms of typical evening speeds, Mate’s sits at 208 Mbps, a touch faster than MyRepublic’s 200 Mbps. If you were looking to go in with either of those for the long term, that might just settle the draw for you.

If you want as close to 250 Mbps as possible, Aussie Broadband dishes up the goods with 248 Mbps typical evening speeds, which will cost you $99 per month for the first 6 months, going up to $129 per month after that.

If you’re looking to spice things up even more, you can save a further $10 per month when you bundle the NBN 250 plan with one of Mate’s SIM-only mobile plans, which runs on the Telstra network.

Mate’s customer service centre is also 100% based in Australia if that’s also something that interests you.