Man Snagged Over 9-Year-Old Robbery Thanks to Half-Eaten Sausage

Man Snagged Over 9-Year-Old Robbery Thanks to Half-Eaten Sausage

A robbery that happened almost a decade ago has just been solved thanks to hakf-eaten piece of sausage. That’s gotta be the wurst for the crim.

Sausage can solve crimes now

The break-in occurred in the German town of Rocholzallee back in 2012. According to a statement from the police, a half bitten piece of sausage was found at the crime scene and DNA was able to be obtained. However, it did not result in a direct match at the time.

Nine years later and the perpetrator has been found after an automatic comparison with an international database led to an identity later on.

Police discovered the robber was a 30-year-old Albanian man after his DNA was added to the database after committing a reportedly violent crime in France earlier this year,

Bizarly the sausage in question actually belonged to the victim. This means that the criminal took a cheeky bite of it before leaving it behind at the time of the robbery.

According to German police, it was a hard variety of sausage though the specific type has not been identified.

It also seems that the man will not be charged for the break-in as the statute of limitation has expired.