High-Speed Ford F-150 Crash Shows How Strong Cars Are Today

High-Speed Ford F-150 Crash Shows How Strong Cars Are Today

I’m not sure how, but ridiculous car crashes keep landing on my desk this week. This one isn’t an awesome save by emergency services or a Tesla ratting its driver out to the cops. Instead, we have a Canadian charged with impaired driving walking away from a destructive crash and leaving the remains of their F-150 behind.

This one comes from the aptly named IdiotsInCars Subreddit. It all happened on Hurst Drive in Barrie, Ontario on Saturday, reports Toronto Sun. Video — that we cannot embed — was captured by a motorist with a dashcam and it shows a Ford F-150 blast by the camera car in a residential area. The F-150 passes with so much speed that you can hear its exhaust roar through most of the clip. It’s as if the driver didn’t turn off his warp drive before entering the residential area.

Police say that the speeding Ford hit another vehicle, a utility pole, a fence and another structure before coming to rest. He went through five properties altogether.

Photo: Barrie Police

Amazingly, there were no injuries. Only the driver was taken to the hospital as a precaution. Comments from Barrie Police illustrate how reckless the driver was, from Toronto Sun:

“When you play (the video) back, where he left the roadway, he travelled across five properties before he struck that fence and, ultimately, came into an ornamental fencing structure that had a gate built into it with pillars and that’s what caused him to roll onto his side,” police spokesperson Peter Leon said Wednesday.

“That impact — if he had gone into that person’s backyard after going through the fence, he would have gone through their house and we could have been dealing with a much more serious situation.”

Investigators believe that it’s safe to say the driver was going well in excess of the 50 km/h speed limit for the area. I would certainly agree.

The 31-year-old man behind the wheel faces a list of charges including possession of an illegal weapon, refusing to provide a breath sample, driving impaired, and driving dangerously.

The part about this crash that amazes me is how there aren’t any injuries for the amount of destruction caused. Not only is it a lesson in why you shouldn’t drive intoxicated, but it’s also an example of how the cars of today are absolute tanks. Just don’t get in the way of one.