Donald Faison Is Powerpuff Girls’ Live-Action Professor Utonium

Donald Faison Is Powerpuff Girls’ Live-Action Professor Utonium
Please store your Chemical X more safely this time. (Photo: Bryan Bedder/Stringer, Getty Images)

He has history in the field of medical sciences, of course, so Donald Faison should be more than fine adding sugar, spice, and everything nice to the CW’s live-action take on the Powerpuff Girls.

Variety reports that Faison has been tapped by the network to play Professor Drake Utonium in the soft-reboot take on the beloved Craig McCracken animated series, alongside Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron, and Yana Perrault as Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup respectively.

Set in a future after the events of the animated series where the Powerpuff Girls are now in their mid-20s, the show — now simply titled Powerpuff — will see Professor Utonium face a midlife crisis as he attempts to patch up his damaged relationship with his manafactured, superheroic daughters, who now resent that their childhoods were taken from them so that they could become vigilante heroes. According to the trade, Faison’s Utonium is “quirky, debonair, and a pinch narcissistic,” but also “immensely proud of the three extraordinary girls he created in his lab.”

Hopefully no Chemical X mixups will be involved in this father-daughter bonding attempt. We’ll bring you more on Powerpuff as and when we learn it.

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