Benedict Cumberbatch Is Getting Into Magic Again

Benedict Cumberbatch Is Getting Into Magic Again
The Sorcerer Supreme is about to kick some Nazi butt. (Photo: Marvel Studios)

It’s true. Benedict Cumberbatch is getting into magic again. But unlike the other times the Sorcerer Supreme has dazzled us with fascinating illusions, his new project will be much more serious than we’re used to.

The popular actor, who is currently filming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, just signed to star in a movie called War Magician, which will be directed by Jurassic World’s Colin Trevorrow. Cumberbatch plays Jasper Maskelyne, a real life British magician who reportedly used his illusions to help fight the Nazis during World War II. The film is written by Nicholas Mariani and based on a book by David Fisher. Deadline broke the news.

According to that report, War Magician follows not just Maskelyne, but also an “international ‘magic gang’ from Africa, Europe, and the Middle East who conspired with Maskelyne and a female military intelligence officer to defeat the Nazis.” That makes it sound like a little bit more than just a traditional World War II drama.

But if ever there was a role Benedict Cumberbatch was born to play, this is it. Soldier? He’s done that tons of times. Period piece? Duh. Magician? He’s the freaking Sorcerer Supreme for crying out loud. Creating schemes to best the bad guys? Have you seen Sherlock? Even with just the little dash of information, this sounds like it could be a really fascinating film that incorporates elements of science and fantasy, even if they’re illusions, across some serious subject matter. And it’s a true story to boot.