Belong Is Offering New Mobile Plans, Including 40GB of Data for $35

Belong Is Offering New Mobile Plans, Including 40GB of Data for $35
Image: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Belong has been going through some changes recently. Back in 2019 it became the first Australian telco to become entirely carbon neutral. Now, Belong has refreshed its SIM-only mobile plans, giving customers more cheap coverage options.

You can check out Belong’s mobile plans in the table below:

Overall, there’s some good value to these Belong phone plans, as they offer a decent amount of data for the respective prices. The 40GB plan is a limited time offer that’s only available until April 30. After that, only the 20GB and 80GB plans will be available.

All three Belong mobile plans also let you roll over your unused data with its unlimited data banking feature. If you do manage to hit your data cap, your download speeds will be slowed.

You won’t be locked into a contract and there are no cancellation fees, so you’re free to give up the plans whenever you feel like it.

Belong is powered by the Telstra wholesale network, so its 4G coverage can reach roughly 97% of the Australian population.

How do Belong’s mobile plans compare to other telcos?

Looking at similar phone plans with at least 80GB, Belong’s 80GB plan sits on the cheaper end of the pool. In terms of value, it’s not the best plan available – Circles.Life are offering 100GB of data for only $30 per month.

Spintel are offering a plan with the same data for $45, but that price is only available for the first six months you’re with the provider. Vodafone are offering more data (100GB) for the same price per month, but that’s also price discount that lasts for the first six months.

You can see how Belong’s 80GB SIM-only plan stacks up against other mobile plans below: