The Walking Dead Gives Us a Peek at Negan’s Backstory (and Beard Dye)

The Walking Dead Gives Us a Peek at Negan’s Backstory (and Beard Dye)
Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his wife Lucille (Hilarie Burton, Morgan's real-life wife), seen before she was a baseball bat. (Image: AMC)

We’ve known that the final six episodes of The Walking Dead’s 10th season will include a look back at big bad-turned-mistrusted-anti-hero Negan and his life before the zombie apocalypse. Now, the show has released a small — ok, very small — glimpse of what’s in store.

Really, the clip (via Uproxx) is trying to imply Negan has done a heel turn — yet again — and has Maggie trapped somewhere, where the former Saviour is threatening to murder her. Given that Maggie still wants Negan dead for killing her beloved Glenn, they’re definitely headed for a conflict, and Negan could turn the tables on her only to then start smarmily gloating he’s going to kill her, being his former modus operandi and all.

However, regardless of the present-day footage of Negan that begins the clip, the ending shows the line is being spoken by the black-bearded Negan of Christmas Past. That’s seemingly makes it a nonstarter of a theory, unless we’re getting flashbacks to parts of the Saviour War we didn’t see, which please, no, god no. My guess is that someone told him before the zombie apocalypse that he talked too much — which has always been a valid statement — and now, at some point post-apocalypse but prior to the Saviour War, Negan got his hands on the same dude and is going to exact some Lucille-based revenge.

Whatever. The real news is Maggie and Glenn’s kid Herschel is adorable.

Screenshot: AMC Screenshot: AMC

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