Mads Mikkelsen Is Grizzled as Hell in the New Chaos Walking Clip

Mads Mikkelsen Is Grizzled as Hell in the New Chaos Walking Clip
Mads Mikkelsen thinks at Daisy Ridley. (Screenshot: Lionsgate)

Like a gift from the heavens, we have been bestowed a new clip from Chaos Walking, the “unreleasable” upcoming movie starring Daisy Ridley, Tom Holland, Mads Mikkelsen, and jackets. Jackets for days. In fact, I forgot the movie was called Chaos Walking because I just call it Jackets: The Movie.

Holland in a garbage bag poncho jacket like he’s in the front row at a Gallagher show. Ridley in a rain jacket like a gritty Paddington reboot. Mads in a sumptuous fur like he’s doing a Margot Tenenbaum cosplay. Jackets.

Category is: Jackets. (Screenshot: Lionsgate) Category is: Jackets. (Screenshot: Lionsgate)

But it’s also about other stuff, like how all the men project their thoughts audibly in a phenomenon called “the noise,” and how all the women are dead. Based on the books by Patrick Ness, Viola (Ridley) crash lands on this strange planet, the first woman Todd (Holland) has ever seen. He reacts, Hollandly. Mikkelsen plays Mayor David Prentiss, and in a newly released clip, he and his jacket (more of a khaki button-down number but a jacket nonetheless) educate Viola and her jacket of the ways of this planet and “the noise.”

Yes, reshoots were massively expensive and it took upwards of seven writers to fix the script, but I’m weak. A grizzled Mads and jackets far as the eye can see? How can I say no?

Chaos Walking, directed by Doug Liman, is out in theatres on March 4 in Australia.