Jumbo Takes the Love of Theme Parks to a Whole New Level

Jumbo Takes the Love of Theme Parks to a Whole New Level
Noémie Merlant in Jumbo. (Photo: Darkstar Pictures)

Who among us don’t love a good theme park ride? Big roller coasters, scary haunted houses, serene river rides, everyone has a favourite. In the new film Jumbo, however, that love of theme park rides gets taken to a whole new level: the main character literally falls in love with a ride.

After debuting at last year’s Sundance Film Festival, Zoé Wittock’s film Jumbo is finally being released. It’ll open in virtual cinemas February 19 and come to VOD March 16. It stars Noémie Merlant as Jeanne, a young woman who works at a theme park and begins to fall in love with the brand new tilt-a-whirl ride, which she names Jumbo. Check out the lyrical, weird, but gorgeous trailer below.

That’s quite a final line in the trailer, isn’t it?

Without having seen the film (or read any of the mostly positive reviews), it’s unclear whether or not Jumbo actually has a soul, or if it’s all in Jeanne’s head. It kind of doesn’t matter though. Either way, it seems like a very cheeky, intriguing way to show a unique perspective on love — an emotion that we all know can be extremely complex, though maybe haven’t seen portrayed quite like this before.

Find out more about the virtual screenings starting February 19 here.