Oh, it's Big Boy Season. (Image: Netflix/Toho)

Thick thighs save lives, but in this case, they’re probably likely to do considerable property damage. Overnight, Netflix and Toho revealed our first official look at Eiji Yamamori and Yuji Kaneko’s redesign of the King of all Kaiju, set to take centre stage in the upcoming Bones/Orange animated series. And whew lord, is he a big boy.

While not as wildly, unsettlingly alien as the recent iteration of the Big G we saw in Hideaki Anno and Shinju Higuchi’s Shin Godzilla, or the plantlike being in Polygon Pictures’ Monster Planet CG movie series, this latest design evokes Godzilla’s classic appearances. Especially so in details like his lighter back spines, his large, almost cartoon-human eyes. One thing he does borrow from Shin, at least, is that he’s got thighs for days — not quite as bulky as the Hollywood ‘zilla of the 2014 reboot and King of the Monsters/Godzilla vs. Kong, but…rather endowed in the lower half.

It looks suitably monstrous, and it’s kind of the point — in official comments released to go alongside the design reveal, Yamamori expressed a desire for the design to look like a version of Godzilla who could only exist as a CG creation, instead of the traditional practical suit and model designs in his long tokusatsu history. The multi-joined little arms, the giant, wide-planted thighs, and the hunched-forward stature all point to a skeletal structure definitely looks like it would be difficult to pull off if this were for a “real” suit. Now we need to hope our good robro Jet Jaguar is up to the task of standing up to him!

Godzilla: Singular Point stomps onto Japanese TV this April on Tokyo MX, and will release internationally on Netflix at a currently undisclosed date later this year.

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