DC’s Next Big Bet on the Multiverse Is in…Podcasts?

DC’s Next Big Bet on the Multiverse Is in…Podcasts?
Batman just checking in on his playlists. (Screenshot: Warner Bros.)

You’ve got your DC Animated Universes, your DC Cinematic Universes, your…approximately 17 billion comic book ones, thanks to the might of the DC Multiverse. Now, you can throw in an audio universe too.

Not to be outdone by Marvel, DC previously announced a new podcasting deal with Spotify to bring the David S. Goyer-produced Batman Unburied to the streaming network, a series exploring the psyche of Bruce Wayne. But now the publisher has revealed that for once there’s so much more than just Batman on the way — although admittedly some are Batman-adjacent. In a new update on the multi-year deal, DC and Spotify said nine more shows featuring comics icons are in the works for the service.

Although not all of them were confirmed, Batgirl, the Riddler, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Superman, and Lois Lane were all namechecked as stars of this new slate of podcast-based stories. We don’t know if they’ll all be narrative-based podcast series like Unburied is — teased by Goyer in the video below as “deep dive into Batman’s unconscious mind, into his dream state” — or if the deal will encompass non-fictional podcasts about DC characters or in-universe takes on the format beyond drama.

I’d be kind of down to hear the Riddler do a weekly puzzle podcast, frankly. Or maybe Lois does a news update for the DC Universe, the Daily Pod-net? Instead of just audiobooks or audio dramas released as podcasts, it’d be interesting to see this deal experiment with the format, especially as DC’s indicating it wants to go all-in on the medium.

Batman: Unburied is set to launch on Spotify later this year — no further details about other series in DC’s deal were revealed.