Danny Elfman Has a Missed Connection with an Ogre in the Video for ‘Love in the Time of Covid’

Danny Elfman Has a Missed Connection with an Ogre in the Video for ‘Love in the Time of Covid’
Screenshot: Epitaph Records

Danny Elfman thought he had left rock behind. But in an interview with Inverse, he said he picked it up again as a pandemic hobby. And here we are, with a missed connection with an ogre.

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The longtime film composer and former Oingo Boingo frontman’s pandemic hobby became a pandemic project in his first solo album since 1984, So-Lo. And in his latest single, “Love in the Time of Covid,” an ogre (played by performer Dæmon Clelland aka Shrek 666) is looking for love…in the time of Covid.

“’Love in the Time of Covid’ was a thread my family was using at the time,” Elfman told Inverse. “Obviously taken from Love in the Time of Cholera. That’s just where I was in quarantine. I started writing, and I found that as I was writing, songs were coming out in pairs. I didn’t even know what I was writing. But these pairs were alternatively heavy and light. Like two separate writers jostling for space, equally aggressive to get their work heard. So when I was writing, one was serious, the other was ‘Love in the Time of Covid.’”

For what it’s worth, I ship this ogre with Danny Elfman as Satan in The Forbidden Zone.

Image: Hercules Films Ltd.Image: Hercules Films Ltd.

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