ABC Gets on the Beers, Calls Dan Andrews ‘Dan Murphy’

ABC Gets on the Beers, Calls Dan Andrews ‘Dan Murphy’
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On Wednesday night an ABC reporter did the Lord’s Work by providing the public with a quintessentially Australian slip of the tongue. During a live cross to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, she accidentally referred to him as Australian alcohol chain, Dan Murphy’s. And look, we support it.

Why was the Premier holding a late night press conference?

The late night press conference was held due a hotel quarantine worker in Victoria testing positive for COVID-19. The worker has been associated with the Australian Open and around 600 people have been identified as close contacts.

It is believed the worker could have the UK strain of the virus, which is considered to be highly infectious.

As a result, Dan Andrews has announced a return of some previous COVID-19 restrictions — household gatherings limited to 15 people and mandatory mask wearing in indoor public spaces.

There has also been a pause placed on the 75 per cent return-to-work office cap that was scheduled for February 8. The current 50 per cent cap will remain for the present time.

Dan Murphy, I mean Dan Andrews

Despite the deeply concerning news, social media was at least able to have a bit of a laugh at the ABC live cross to the Premier.

“The Victorian Department of Health has confirmed a hotel quarantine worker has tested positive to Covid-19,” ABC reporter Beverley O’Connor.

“We’ll be crossing to a press conference with Dan Murphy… uh Dan Andrews, soon.”

And considering the state of mind Victorian’s must be in right now, can we really blame Bev for saying what everyone is thinking?

Unsurprisingly, the genuinely funny mistake quickly popped off on social media.

O’Connor herself got in on the joke on Twitter as well.

“Not on the beers tonight I promise, not Dan Murphy but Dan Andrews now on @abcnews,” O’Connor tweeted, linking to a video of Andrews uttering his iconic phrase, ‘get on the beers’.

What a hero, honestly. Everyone should be more like Beverley.