Watch Sony’s Vision-S EV Get Tested on Quaint Austrian Roads

Watch Sony’s Vision-S EV Get Tested on Quaint Austrian Roads
Image: Tegan Jones

Last year Sony unveiled its prototype Vision-S at CES. We were lucky enough to get hands on with the EV, and it was truly lush. At the time I said that it would never go into production, but Sony sure proved me wrong.

Back in July Sony said it would actually begin road-testing the Vision-S by the end of 2020. And it has stayed true to its word. At its CES 2021 press conference on Tuesday, Sony showed a clip of the EV taking to the streets and winding its way around the snow-covered mountain roads of Austria.

And if you’re really looking to see how it runs, you can also watch it do some hot laps.

No further information was revealed. In fact, while the video is stunning, there’s no voice overs to provide extra nuggets of info.

All we know is what we learned last year —  The Vision-S (at least last year’s prototype) is an EV that has a top speed of 240km and go from 0 to 96km/h in about 4.5 seconds.

It also contains an abundance of screens of the dashboard, which is still showcased in the recently video. As I said last year, Sony has taken full advantage of its sound and TV manufacturing experience to create a mobile entertainment unit.

Considering the vast array of music, movie and TV IP that Sony owns, it has built a space where the journey can be just as important as the destination.

The Sony Vision-S is truly stunning

I for was enamoured with the Vision-S at CES 2020. Just sitting in it felt special, from its futuristic feel to the mirrors being replaced by cameras. It got me good and that hasn’t changed.

Except for perhaps one thing. While Sony said its EV was road worthy last year, I didn’t expect it to become a reality until now. Actually seeing it in action has me excited for the future of EVs.

So much stuff comes out of CES and oftentimes we’re grinding through all the announcements on little sleep. It can be difficult to get truly amped up about anything.

But this made me stop and remember why I fell in love with tech. It brought the magic back.

You can watch it for yourself below.



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