This Unearthed The Office Cold Open Is an Elaborate Homage to The Matrix

This Unearthed The Office Cold Open Is an Elaborate Homage to The Matrix
Dwight is Neo? (Screenshot: NBC/YouTube)

The Office is long over, but with its release on Peacock, a bunch of new footage is seeing the light of day. Including an unused cold open that recreates iconic moments from The Matrix.

In classic Office fashion, it’s a prank on Dwight. An elaborate, theatrical prank, one which apes The Matrix in an extended homage including glitches in the Matrix, Agents, and a choice of pills. Featuring the late Hugh Dane as Hank as “Dorpheus”, Morpheus’s brother, it’s a silly and fun little reference with a nice twist at the end.

It’s maybe not the most uproariously funny cold open I’ve ever seen, but the dedication here is astounding. The fact that the leather chairs mostly look right is what gets me. Those are very iconic chairs.

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For more The Office, it’s streaming on Peacock, and a lot of behind-the-scenes and cut content is finding its way to Peacock’s YouTube presence.

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