This Lenovo All-in-One PC Has a Rotating Display, and It Looks Badass

This Lenovo All-in-One PC Has a Rotating Display, and It Looks Badass
Image: Lenovo

When people think of all-in-one computers, the first one that comes to mind might be Apple’s iMac. But Lenovo’s upcoming Yoga AIO 7 has more tricks up its sleeve than a Mac — or any other AIO desktop PC for that matter. This isn’t Lenovo’s first AIO desktop, but the company has vastly improved upon its current Yoga A940 AIO in several ways: design, specs, and extra features.

The Yoga AIO 7 is outfitted with a choice between two AMD Ryzen processors — the Ryzen 7 4800H or Ryzen 5 4600H — an Nvidia RTX 2060, 16GB or 32GB of memory, and two storage solutions, up to 1TB SSD and up to a 2TB HDD. But perhaps the most notable feature is the rotating display.

The display rotates a full 90 degrees, allowing you to view your work in whatever orientation is most appropriate. The viewing angle can twist horizontally from flat up to 20 degrees, as well. Content on the screen will rotate automatically if casting from a phone or tablet, and the Yoga AIO 7 also supports wireless casting from the same devices — without turning the PC on!

As for the display specs, there are two options. Both are 27-inch 4K IPS displays, but the fancier once has DCI-P3 99% or Adobe RGB 99% colour gamut. The base model has a 100% sRGB colour gamut. Lenovo says it has designed its displays with professional-grade display requirements: It’s flicker-free and low blue light certified from TÜV Rheinland; has DC dimming, which controls the brightness by varying the power supplied to the circuit; and has on-screen display (OSD) functionality to facilitate display settings.

Image: Lenovo Image: Lenovo

Lenovo’s Yoga AIO 7 also comes with a JBL by Harman certified 2 x 5W stereo speaker and an optional detachable 5M IR Camera. Amazon’s smart assistant Alexa is also built into the computer, and yes, it can connect to smart home devices you may already own.

Connectivity-wise, there are a load of I/O ports. On the side: 1 USB 3.22 Gen 2 Type-C; 2 USB 3.22 Gen 2 Type-A; and 1 microphone/earphone combo. On the back: 2 USB 2.0; 2 USB 3.22 Gen 2 Type-A; and 1 LAN-In. There’s also one more USB 2.0 Type-C on the top for good measure.

Last but not least, Lenovo’s newest AIO PC supports device-sharing. So, you can plug in your laptop to the Yoga via USB-C and share the display, speakers, mouse, keyboard, and even the Yoga’s HDD with your laptop to transfer data between the two devices. While plugged into the Yoga AIO 7, your laptop can charge, too.

The Yoga AIO 7 is available now in China (called the Yoga 27) and is expected to be available in select markets this February starting at $US1,600 ($2,059). There’s no word on if or when the Yoga AIO 7 will be available in Australia.

Knowing how great the AMD Ryzen 4000-series processors perform, especially paired with an RTX 2060, the AIO PC seems incredibly compelling out the gate. It has the right features and specs (and price!) to appeal to a wide audience, so hopefully Lenovo does decide to release this all-in-one stateside, too.