Samsung Finally Announced the Galaxy Unpacked Event We All Knew About: Here’s What’s Coming

Samsung Finally Announced the Galaxy Unpacked Event We All Knew About: Here’s What’s Coming
Image: Samsung/Digital Slang

After weeks of rumours, Samsung has finally announced its next Galaxy Unpacked Event scheduled for January 14, and it couldn’t have come at a better time because recently a number of new leaks have spilled the beans on what we’re expecting to see at Samsung’s next big product showcase.

New Leaks Just Gave Us a Way Better Look at Samsung’s Next Wireless Earbuds

We’ve heard rumblings about Samsung’s next-gen flagship wireless earbuds before, but now an unreleased APK has just revealed a ton of details about which features Samsung is planning to include in the upcoming Galaxy Buds Pro.

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Perhaps the biggest new leak comes from YouTuber Digital Slang who recently posted a very detailed first impression video featuring Samsung’s next high-end wireless earbuds: the Galaxy Buds Pro. While the video has arrived a couple of weeks ahead of the Galaxy Buds Pro’s expected official debut, Digital Slang was able to install a pre-release version of the Galaxy Wear app in order to pair the Galaxy Buds Pro with a Galaxy Fold 2 and check out almost all of its features.

Similar to the older Galaxy Buds+, the Galaxy Buds Pro have a closed-back design that passively blocks out ambient noise, but with a significantly smaller housing that Digital Slang says is quite light and comfortable. On top of that, Samsung has also given the Galaxy Buds Pro active noise-cancelling tech with a new Ambient Sound mode that can automatically turn on if it hears nearby voices, a feature that could be really useful if you need to quickly pop in a store and ask a question without needing to remove or fiddle with the Galaxy Buds Pro’s settings.

As with previous Galaxy Buds, the Galaxy Buds Pro also come with touch controls built into each earbud and a wireless recharging case. Unfortunately, while Digital Slang says the Galaxy Buds Pro sound really good, he says their ANC performance is somewhat lacklustre, though it’s possible that could be because he is using a pre-production version of the Galaxy Wear app or because Samsung has yet to release the final firmware for the Galaxy Buds Pro.

Ultimately, the Galaxy Buds Pro’s appeal will hinge on that ANC performance, especially with a new leak from Sammobile claiming that the Galaxy Buds Pro are expected to cost just $US200 ($260), a full $US50 ($65) less than the AirPods Pro.

Image: Samsung via Winfuture Image: Samsung via Winfuture

In addition to Samsung’s next wireless earbuds, Winfuture claims to have discovered new official pics and info about the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s S-Pen and a new flip cover case for the S21 Ultra that features built-in stylus storage. While not as small or flashy as the S-Pens that typically come with Galaxy Note phones, the S21 Ultra’s stylus reportedly still has the same pressure-sensitive Wacom digitiser along with a few built-in buttons for erasing notes, controlling music, or serving as a remote shutter for the S21 Ultra’s camera. The S21 Ultra’s S-Pen is also said to still support Samsung’s Air Actions, and thanks to its larger size, it might even be more comfortable to use than the super-slim styluses that typically come with Galaxy Note phones. However, unlike the Galaxy Note line, the S21 Ultra’s S-Pen won’t come included, and instead will be available separately with an expected price of around 40 euros (about $US50 ($65)).

Finally, in a move that seems designed to beat Apple’s long-rumoured AirTags to market, 91 Mobiles says Samsung is also prepping for the release of Galaxy SmartTags, which are small Bluetooth-based tracking dongles. Similar to Tile trackers and Apple’s still unreleased AirTags, Samsung’s SmartTags are supposed to be attached to object like your keys or a backpack to help you find them more easily if they ever get lost. Samsung’s SmartTags are expected to be available in black and oatmeal colours with a price tag of around $US20 ($26).

Image: Samsung via 91 Mobiles Image: Samsung via 91 Mobiles

So between all the versions of the Galaxy S21, the Galaxy Buds Pro, and now the Galaxy SmartTags, that’s at least three different products we’re expecting to see at Galaxy Unpacked 2021. And with nearly two weeks left to go until the event, it’s possible we might see even more devices get leaked between now and then.