Please Enjoy This Interactive Graph of World Leaders Who Have Shat Themselves at Maccas

Please Enjoy This Interactive Graph of World Leaders Who Have Shat Themselves at Maccas
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If you were ever wondering the proclivity of world leaders who allegedly shit their pants in a McDonald’s, there is now a handy interactive graph for that.

The Ballad of Scott Morrison and Engadine McDonald’s

Twitter user, @BoundMaid, has created a deeply specific graph that tracks ‘countries who’s leaders shat themselves in a Mcdonalds’ from 1970 onwards.

The graph itself contains Serbia, Belize, New Zealand, Greenland, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan the United States of America and of course, Australia.

In an unsurprising twist the graph remains blank as it progresses through the years. It is only when it gets to 1997 that it springs to life, making Australia jump from 0 to 1 applicable world leader.

You’ll need to click through to the tweet to enjoy it to its fullest, but here’s a little snapshot:

scott morrison engadine mcdonalds


Please explain the joke to me

If you’re confused as to what the fuck is going on here, we can help.

Back in 2019 our sister site,, wrote a very serious piece of investigative journalism about Prime Minister Scott Morrison. It dove into an allegedly long-standing rumour that the PM once pooped his dacks at Engadine McDonalds in 1997.

According to the online whisper network, the incident had occurred after the Cronulla Sharks lost the 1997 NRL grand final.

According to the report, based largely on social media posts, the alleged shitting was well known throughout the local community at the time. It seems that it was the rise of the internet that prevented it from fading into obscurity.

While the PM’s office has never publicly addressed the rumour (and it’s completely unsubstantiated)  it’s become a pretty common story attached to Morrison in the online Australian psyche.

In fact, it went so viral at the time that Gizmodo US wrote about Australian Twitter was popping off with this literal shit post.

So there you have it – the graph is a joke based on a two-year old story that has since permeated #auspol social media to the point its talked about as fact. You’re welcome