Here’s Your Doctor Who New Years Special Spoiler Discussion Zone

Here’s Your Doctor Who New Years Special Spoiler Discussion Zone
Us waiting for more Doctor Who like... (Image: BBC)

After most of 2020 away, Doctor Who is back! And this time the Thirteenth Doctor has once again shown up to New Years with a Dalek. Or two. Or maybe more than that. Want a place to talk spoilers as it airs? We’ve got you covered.

“Revolution of the Daleks” brings back more than just the Doctor’s oldest enemies, this time in many more numbers since we saw them this time last year in “Resolution” — and in radically different form. It brings back John Barrowman’s Captain Jack Harkness, helping to reunite the Doctor and her friends after the events of last season’s climax saw the Doctor separated and, uh, thrown in space jail.

But can the Doctor or her friends stop the titular Revolution? What could happen when the Daleks find themselves at odds with each other? How many people will Jack flirt with? Our usual recap of the episode will arrive soon, but for now, talk about the twists and reveals of “Revolution” amongst yourselves!

A Brief History of Dalek Civil War

In 2021, Doctor Who finally returns with “Revolution of the Daleks,” and from what we know of it so far, seems like it’s going to give us a brand new faction of human-made Daleks…that the actual Daleks are none too pleased with. But this is far from the first time...

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