Every 4K and 8K TV Announced at CES 2021

Every 4K and 8K TV Announced at CES 2021
Image: Sony

CES 2021 may have ended for another year but from it came heaps of new TVs to get excited about. Big brands like Sony, LG, Hisense and Samsung have all revealed new TVs and you can keep up with all the latest products announcements right here.

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LG’s C1 OLED. Image: LG

At CES 2021 LG announced its new lineup of OLED, QNED and NanoCell TVs for the year.

The latest in LG’s OLED TV technology is called OLED evo, which is said to improve the brightness of OLED TVs for better clarity and detail. Lower brightness has long been a sticking point for OLED TVs so it seems LG has listened to consumer concerns on this point.

LG’s premium OLED offering for the year is its C1 series which comes in sizes from 48-inches to 83-inches. The other OLEDs this year are offered in the Z1 and G1 range. These TVs will benefit from the latest LG intelligent processor and a new Game Optimiser that supports HDMI 2.1.

LG is bringing its new QNED Mini LED TVs to the show. These TVs are said to provide a superior LCD experience and combine quantum dot and NanoCell technology in one product. The TVs will use Mini LEDs as a backlight and have a refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

The LG QNED will be offered in 10 models of both the 4K and 8K variety. One of these will be an 86-inch QNED which uses 30,000 tiny LED lights.

The company is also displaying its transparent OLED TVs which are designed to be used in places such as restaurants, public transport and a specially designed ‘Smart Bed’ that LG is working on.

LG is also revamping its Smart TV OS and remote this year. The company’s also announced its plans to bring Google Stadia to its webOS smart TVs in the second half of 2021 – which would make it the first TV manufacturer to do so. Unfortunately, Stadia still isn’t available in Australia but it’s still a big move by LG.

Australian pricing and availability of these models haven’t been confirmed as yet. You can find all of LG’s CES announcements here.

Samsung TVs

Samsung's Micro LED TV
Samsung’s Micro LED TV. Image: Samsung

Samsung’s is bringing Micro LED displays to CES. The TVs are available in massive 110-inch, 99-inch sizes, with smaller versions rolling out by the end of the year. In Australia, Samsung is currently considering only the 110-inch option. This 110-inch Micro LED also offers Quad view, letting you watch four different options on the screen at once.

The company is also bringing a new range of NeoQLED options which are said to be the next step in its QLED technology. Neo QLED TVs replace the traditional LED module lens with a micro-layer that allows for precise light control. They are also said to be 50% thinner than some previous designs. The NeoQLED will be available in both 4K and 8K options.

Samsung is bringing a new generation of its lifestyle The Frame TV to the market, which is also said to be much thinner than previous versions and will have new colour and content options.

As a bonus, Samsung’s 2021 TVs will also be shipped in eco-friendly packaging with a solar charging remote control.

Australian pricing and availability are yet to be confirmed but Samsung expects most of these products to be available in Australia at some point in 2021.

Sony TVs

Sony's Master Series Z9J TV.
Sony’s Master Series Z9J TV. Image: Sony

Sony has announced a new lineup of Bravia XR TVs, including a series of Master and 4K LED TVs. The Bravia XR TVs are HDMI 2.1 compatible, feature Google TV and use a new Cognitive Processor XR to detect focal points in images and optimise the picture and sound to match.

So far, Sony has confirmed that these models will be coming to Australia:

  • Master Series Z9J – 8K LED TV, 85-inches.
  • Master Series A90J – OLED TV, 65 and 55-inches.
  • A80J – OLED TV, 77, 65 and 55-inches.
  • X95J – 4K LED TV, 85 and 65-inches.
  • X90J – 4K LED TV, 75, 65, 55 and 50-inches.

Stay tuned for full specs and local pricing. You can see all of Sony’s other CES announcements on its platform Sony Square.

Hisense TVs

hisense new tv's CES
Image: Hisense

As for Hisense, the company will debut its lineup of new ULED TVs at CES. The TVs feature a new Game Mode Pro, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos and AI-powered upscaling.

This also marks Hisense’s first 8K TV offering in Australia which will be available in 65, 75 and 85-inch sizes. The first model to land will be the U80G 75-inch version at $6,999.

Alongside these 8K offerings, Hisense has announced a new range of ULED 4K TVs and 4K UHD TVs.

Hisense also announced a new technology it’s calling TriChroma Laser, which apparently uses separate lasers to obtain purer colours and a brighter picture. TriChroma laser is a projector lineup which will include large sizes from 75-inch to 100-inch displays. You can watch the full from Hisense announcement here.


TCL’s C825 4K Mini LED TV. Image: TCL

At CES, TCL announced a new lineup of Mini-LED, QLED and 4K HDR TVs.

The C825 is TCL’s new 4K Mini-LED TV which uses a straight down backlight mode, quantum dot technology and Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos. Like other TVs this year it also has a focus on gaming with 200CMR and a 120Hz display. TCL also announced an 8K Mini LED TV.

TCL’s P725 is its latest 4K HDR TV with Dolby Vision and Atmos. TCL also announced it will be releasing its first TVs with Google’s Android TV software in 2021.

Bringing some truly futuristic vibes, TCL also revealed its first Printed OLED Scrolling Display. This is essentially a very thin 17″ screen that can be rolled up like a piece of paper. TCL plans for this display to be used in conjunction with other products such as curved screens and foldable displays. The device certainly seems practical in terms of size and travel but is still just a concept at the moment.

You can watch TCL’s full CES press conference here.

Panasonic TVs

Panasonic TVs aren’t available in Australia anymore, but nevertheless, the company has put its best foot forward in the TV department at CES.

The Panasonic JZ2000 OLED will ship in 55 and 65-inches and feature a new HCX Pro AI that is said to analyse and enhance sound and picture in real-time. It also has a filmmaker mode and Game Mode Extreme to cater to those audiences. The TV is also said to pull off ‘directional sounds’ without the need for extra surround speakers.

Keep an eye on this post for updated TV specs, local pricing and availability and all the other TV announcements as they happen at CES.

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