Ben Affleck May Direct the Fantasy ‘Keeper of the Lost Cities’ For Disney

Ben Affleck May Direct the Fantasy ‘Keeper of the Lost Cities’ For Disney
Keeper of the Lost Cities (an image from the book cover, left) may be directed by Ben Affleck (right). (Photo: Aladdin/Warner Bros.)

Ben Affleck is probably never going to direct that Batman movie he’d been prepping but he may get to play with some wonderful toys at a rival studio.

Deadline reports Affleck is attached to direct an adaptation of Keeper of the Lost Cities, the first in an ongoing book series by Shannon Messenger. The story follows a young girl named Sophie Foster who has the ability to read minds. Soon she meets a boy who can also read minds; together they discover they’re from another world, and Sophie has a crucial role to play in the story of both.

Which, to be honest, doesn’t sound much like a movie Ben Affleck would direct. So far the actor turned Oscar-winning writer and director has made only gritty, real-world stories like Argo and The Town. Lots of suits, guns, and F-bombs. That’s probably why he’s interested in Keeper though, since on paper it sounds like something so outside of the box for him. Either way, Affleck is a very talented director with a strong sense of story. Working with Disney on a potential franchise starter feels like it could be a slam dunk for him.

It’s also worth noting that this news comes early in development for the project. There’s always a chance Affleck leaves or ends up staying on only as a producer. Or maybe the script comes in letter-perfect and filming begins as soon as humanly possible. We don’t know. All we really know Disney owns the rights to Messenger’s best-selling series, which released its ninth entry (labelled “book 8.5″), Unlocked, in November 2020.