Wonder Woman 1984’s Triumphant Opening Welcomes Us to Themyscira

Wonder Woman 1984’s Triumphant Opening Welcomes Us to Themyscira
She might be half their size, but she's got an equally hungry look in her eye. (Screenshot: Warner Bros.)

It takes a lot of work to become Wonder Woman, but luckily Diana of Themyscira started prepping pretty damn early. Warner Bros. has released the first three minutes of Wonder Woman 1984, showing a young Diana (Lilly Aspell) entering her first faux Amazon “Olympics” as her older self gets ready to save the world once again.

Warner Bros. is getting fans pumped for the release of Wonder Woman 1984 by sharing the opening scene from Patty Jenkins’ long-delayed DC superhero film.

The scene, narrated by an adult Diana Prince (Gal Gadot), focuses on her younger version getting ready to participate in a traditional Amazon sports contest. Surrounded by strong, powerful women performing feats of wonder, young Diana exudes confidence and strength in her own abilities…despite her diminutive size compared to her fellow competitors.


Of course, only time will tell whether Diana’s self-assuredness will result in a victory over her fellow Amazonians (though I’m guessing it’ll wind up being a lesson in humiliation and practice making perfect). However, judging by the few clips of Wonder Woman we get at the end of the video, as she kicks arse and takes names, it won’t take forever for Diana to secure her place as a warrior for her people and the planet.

Wonder Woman 1984 arrives in theatres on December 26.