Trump Can’t Pronounce QAnon, Still Thinks It’s Good

Trump Can’t Pronounce QAnon, Still Thinks It’s Good
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The evidence supporting the idea that Trump is not very bright is really stacking up.  His national COVID-19 response? Dumb. His suggestion to drink disinfectant to cure the virus? Very dumb. And his latest comments on QAnon somehow exceeds all that.

Earlier this morning, the Washington Post reported on the outgoing US President’s interactions with Georgia Republican officials ahead of next month’s run-off election.

The residents of Georgia will vote in two final Senate races which will decide who, out of Trump’s party or the Democrats, will control the Senate.

Amidst reporting on Trump’s clashes with party officials, who fear he’s doing more harm than good, the article said Trump brought up the baseless QAnon  conspiracy theory in a meeting.

While in the past, Trump has claimed that he doesn’t know much about QAnon conspiracy theory — which posits that he is part of a secret effort to find, arrest and execute Satanic paedophiles who exist in the highest levels of government — but he’s also praised them.

During a recent meeting about winning in January with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Republican officials and aids, Trump spoke about Republican House candidate (and soon-to-be representative) Marjorie Taylor Green, who is an ardent and vocal supporter of QAnon.

In the past, he’s called her a “future Republican star”. This ‘star’ has shared anti-Semitic, racist and other horrible conspiracy theories and beliefs and, generally speaking, is pretty detached from reality.

While talking about her, Trump reportedly told the room that QAnon movement consists of people who “basically believe in good government.” Hmm.

And, he also pronounced QAnon “Q-an-uhn”. Q-an-uhn. Q-an-uhn.

The room was reportedly silent after these comments. It’s not clear whether it’s because of Trump’s extremely poor understanding of a movement that’s been declared a domestic terrorist threat or if it was in response to his poor grasp of phonetics.

Anyway, it’s 47 days until January 20, 2021. But who’s counting?